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NOD32 Klubowicz offline...


11 lutego 2010, godz. 12:23

Good afternoon!
I wish to get tickets on Electrocity 2010. But I am in Uzbekistan as I am able to do it. I ask the help in acquisition and reception of tickets from administration. As interests where exactly this action will be carried out.
Thanks in advance.

**Gia** Klubowicz offline...


11 lutego 2010, godz. 15:46


Here is the link for international sale. Tickets for Electrocity are not available at this moment, first part has been sold out already, next part 2000 of tickets will be on sale from Feb 22, 20.00.

good luck

NOD32 Klubowicz offline...


12 lutego 2010, godz. 09:25

Thanks for link!
I so understand as there will be available tickets to me it will be necessary to issue the order and to pay through a credit card, and further tickets I will receive through mail? But there is a problem on page of registration of the order in the list of the countries there is no Uzbekistan how to be?
As there are questions -
Action will be spent I so I understand in Poland, and in what city?
And still I ask to inform me approximate cost of habitation, a food and journey from Warsaw to a city where it will be spent Electrocity 2010.

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